True love in social media

How can you understand your love is true?How can you believe him or her? If he or she post a status that i love that special person by mentioning him that’s true love.If he or she post sad status after a fight that’s true love.If you post your sweet memories with your love its called true love…but only for the who pretends that their love is true and actually it is not. True love begins when we understands your partner’s dreams and helping him to make it truth.True love exist when you love that person without sacrificing your dreams.True love is not about social media status ,calls,mails…its about understanding each other.Whenever you are apart and your partner is just posting a happy picture in social media it doesn’t mean that person is happy maybe your love doesn’t want how much he miss you to public.You can’t just understand a person’s mind through some kind social media post.

If you are reading a book you should read it heart out because every fullstops and every comas has its own meaning .Like the mind of your true love because every silence have its own meaning which can’t be expressed in public….maybe they only want you to understand